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Lo Bros Kombucha

Seriously - with all this crazy going on in every bottle and can, it shouldn't taste as deliciously brilliant as it does! How do we make this taste-bud awakening, thirst-conquering magic happen? Well follow us down the page to find out.

Why Lo Bros Kombucha?

Flavour you can feel

Doin' Good with low sugar
So as the old saying goes - fermentation equals flavour. It’s really like nothing else. It’s distinctive, natural, thirst-crushing and slightly bonkers. It’s hard to believe something can be this flavoursome and not full of sugar (but we’re totally not).

Alive inside

Do your guts a favour
We’re going in! Every single refreshing mouthful of your tasty Lo Bros Kombucha contains millions of beneficial living cultures, all waiting to get busy making your gut sing. And they all have names - joking. They don't.

Made in Australia

We make kombucha the authentic way. All natural. Full of flavour and alive inside. Slow brewed.
Sweet tea + scoby + sugar = probiotic fermentation magic. It takes time - you don't put the burners on those billion or so probiotics. Those little guys want to help you so let them take their sweet time.

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Lo Bros Kombucha
SGD 12.90
Super drink - meet superfood! Full of antioxidants from juicy blueberries and packed with millions of live cultures from kombucha. And it's naturally low in sugar. MADE IN AUSTRALIA
Lo Bros Kombucha
SGD 12.90
This one hits the sweet-spot for all those summer-lovers out there - the refreshingly tart taste of vine ripened passionfruit and natural pops of flavour. MADE IN AUSTRALIA
Lo Bros Kombucha
SGD 12.90
A fun combo of fresh raspberries and zingy lemon - it’s a little taste of childhood without all the post sugar crash tears and mum yelling at you to stop jumping on the couch! MADE IN AUSTRALIA
Lo Bros Kombucha
SGD 12.90
We’ve taken the joy of summer...and bottled it. The fresh taste of pineapple with a splash of lime, sparkling, naturally sweet and full of living cultures - it’s so tasty you’d run a mile on hot sand to get one! MADE...
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